Melissa Scott-Miller, prize-winner at the Painter Stainers 2012

Islington back-gardens, Autumn

Heatherleys tutor Melissa Scott-Miller was awarded a runner-up prize at the Lynn Painter Stainers Prize exhibition last month.

She says of the work “I painted this view of back-gardens last autumn. I had just moved after living twenty years in the same flat, having painted the same view out of my window many times. I was thrilled to have a new view to look at. It is in a different part of Islington, a bit more of a down to earth area, very diverse and cosmopolitan and this is reflected in the different uses of the back-gardens. Some are decorative, others functional; all are full of life and colour.

I painted on glorious hot sunny mornings, trying to focus on each leaf and brick, hoping this would lead to a faithful reproduction of the scene as it was when I first saw it. The final touch was to put in my son and our dog, so it will always serve as a diary when I look at it, and remind me of a time in my life”.

The exhibition will be at the W.H. Patterson Gallery, 19 Albermarle Stree, London, from the 23rd – 27th April 2012.

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