Miriam Escofet in the BP Portrait Award 2012

John Godfrey CBE, High Sheriff. Oil on canvas on panel. 70 x 50 cm

Miriam Escofet has yet again had a work accepted for the BP Portrait Award! This is her fourth success in the exhibition in almost as many years.

She says of this year’s piece – ‘This portrait was a commissioned work. John Godfrey contacted me after seeing my portrait ‘Gillian’ in the BP Portrait award two years ago. He wanted to commission a portrait of himself in his High Sheriff costume, having been made High Sheriff of Lincolnshire in 2010.

We discussed ideas for the composition and met before I travelled to his home to spend a whole day on the first sitting. This was mainly comprised of taking photographs, from which I later decided on the final composition.

I was very conscious that I wanted to capture all the detail and gravitas of the clothing, but retain a relaxed pose. I did not want the costume to dominate the sitter, but rather have it as the context for the portrait.

I enjoyed working with the restricted colour palette the High Sheriff costume offered as it then allowed me to be very clear as to where I wanted the focal points of light to be. The white collar and cuffs were a gift in this sense’.

The exhibition will be at the National Portrait Gallery from the 21 June to 23 September 2012.

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1 Response to Miriam Escofet in the BP Portrait Award 2012

  1. Sophie Brudenell-Bruce says:

    Fantastic piece of work !!! will be visiting and voting …….. well done

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