Tony Mott’s study trip to Berlin













Tony Mott recently took the sculpture diploma group to Berlin on a study trip.

He said of their experience ‘It has been some years since Heatherleys has made a study trip abroad and this one was in response to a suggestion by 2nd year student Daniel Bibby. We arrived in Berlin on the weekend of the Biennale and most of the commercial galleries were having special openings; there were lots of evening gatherings for the art crowd, including Eva and Adele, an art duo who were engaging in a continuous recording/performance piece.

Some of the private galleries are huge spaces and it looks as though there is still potential to get property in the former East Berlin. We met Uta’s cousin who runs the gallery Wagner in a beautifully converted building in Karl Marx Strasse and was showing the work of Erwin Olaf. After about twenty years of occupation by artists for studio space, the department store Tacheles is a riot of graffiti.

The Gerhard Richter show, recently shown at the Tate Modern, had arrived at the Neue National Galerie. In the Hamburger Banhof (a former railway station converted into a vast contemporary art gallery) we saw the lightworks by British artist Anthony McCall. Light had been given a sculptural solidity – the mood of visitors was affected by the slowly changing conical spaces and everyone seemed to be basking in the dark dreamy world.’

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