Sharon Low, Royal Academy Summer Show 2012

Three-legged Race

Congratulations to Heatherley’s student Sharon Low for her successful entry to this year’s Royal Academy Summer Show.

Her charming print features her twin neices in a three-legged race. She says of her artistic practice ‘ I’m fascinated by people, childhood, motherhood and relationships. I take inspiration from my family, friends, acquaintances and even complete strangers. Each and every one of us, young or old, cannot escape the fact that the story of our lives is written in our faces, our hands, the way we hold ourselves. Looking deeply we can see the traces of our parents and all the generations of our ancestors’.

The Summer Show is at the Royal Academy until 12 August.

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2 Responses to Sharon Low, Royal Academy Summer Show 2012

  1. Jane Kelly says:

    I also have a painting in this year’s Summer Show. “Dead Hand,” a painting of my cat lying on my arm. It’s in the Lecture room, number 1345 I think. I am a regular now at Heatherleys, studying portraiture and still life.

  2. heatherleys says:

    Thanks for letting us know Jane, and congratulations! Could you email us a photo of the work?

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