New Illustration and Design Course with John Dean

Heatherleys is introducing a new illustration course for the Autumn term with tutor John Dean.

He says ‘This course is for the imagination, from the imagination. It is aimed at students who wish to exploit a wide multitude of media sources, be it comic, magazines, museums or the internet. It will be a prelude to create new forms of composition, perhaps storyboard fantasy, phantasmagorical or surreal.

There will also be an emphasis on developing the potential of collage/ montage as a short-hand device for projecting more elaborate work. Time will be set aside for basic graphics and analysis of colour, pattern, product design and printed media.

We will be looking in particular at the works of Picasso, Klee, Matisse, Kandinsky and Schwitters. Anyone interested in signing up should contact the school office for further details on 020 7351 4190’.

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4 Responses to New Illustration and Design Course with John Dean

  1. Sophie B B says:

    Sounds fascinating… What format will this course take…. One term only ? What day ? Cost ?

    • heatherleys says:

      Hi Sophie,
      it will be on Fridays, 10am to 4pm. The cost is £530 and it will hopefully become a permanent fixture of the school timetable.

      • Sophie B B says:

        Hi, is that Mary or Hero ?
        Oh what a shame that it is again Fridays !!! Can’t give up the life drawing AND if I did I would want to do Printing as well…… What a maddening coincidence that they are all on the same day…
        May be one day the timetable will allow for it to be on another day.
        Thanks , see you on the 28 th hopefully
        Xx Sophie BB

      • heatherleys says:

        It’s Hero.
        Yes, I thought that would be your reaction!
        Maybe you could alternate termly?
        See you soon,

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