Paintings and Drawings by Susan Engledow

by Susan Engledow

Susan Engledow will be exhibiting at Heatherleys from the 13th to 27th of November 2012.

She says ‘The exhibition is a selection of work covering a long period of time and various subject matter but always with the fascination of observation and interest in the meeting of abstraction and figuration. Whatever the subject, human, still-life or landscape, the point where drawing and painting meet has always been a passionate interest. The subjects in the still-life paintings and drawings are constantly revisited and become after time almost sacred in their relationships and are a constant source of inspiration. Often the still-lives are left in place for over a year with the paintings/drawings being undertaken from different view points.

The landscapes are a new source of interest, presenting in many ways the same problems as in all the rest of the work but with the physical problems attendant on painting outside. The recording, day by day in a landscape, is not so very different from the recording of the human figure, many of which paintings are also done over a long period with the models being able to move within their  space and culling an image out of the time spent looking.

The way of looking and extracting the most pertinent and poignant information remains the same whatever the subject’.

The private view will be on Tuesday 27th November from 4 – 7pm. Viewing at other times is by appointment only.


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2 Responses to Paintings and Drawings by Susan Engledow

  1. averil says:

    Sorry to not be in the country as i would have loved to see it. Averil x

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