A Reception in Honour of John Walton

A reception was held this week at Painter’s Hall in honour of our retiring Principal, John Walton. After 39 years and 39 days at the helm John has handed Heatherley’s over to Robin-Lee Hall. The event was attended by our trustees, teaching staff and members of the Painter-Stainers company. Daphne Todd OBE gave a moving speech that echoed the debt that many of us owe John for all his hard work and dedication to the school.

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One Response to A Reception in Honour of John Walton

  1. I send my dearest greetings to John Walton! He was great even back in the 80’s when I was a student. And my love to Susan Engeldow – who actually made me choose my career (as a designer). And Chris. And George. Love you guys! And to John: How hard it must have been to hold on to those values that the contemporary culture (postmodern meaninglessness) were against , things like beauty, aesthetics, the idea that art might be worth something for a persons inner ideas. In Sweden, everything is gone. We have almost nothing left. All is gender, sex, power, hate, politics, intersectionality, racism, hiearchies, misandry, extreme social realism…

    It’s hard to stay alive. But some of us try to.

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