The Heatherley Film Club – Il Conformista

Danny Cuming and George Levantis are launching the first ‘Heatherley Film Club’.

Danny says ‘This is a great opportunity to make use of the amazing facilities we have in the library – the best projector and sound system in West London. We’re inviting tutors to show films that they think are visually and artistically important. Film is one of the most significant art forms of the last 100 years and as a visual art establishment we feel we should engage in this beautiful medium.’

The programme kicks off this Monday the 17th at 4.30pm with ‘Il Conformista’ by Bernardo Bertolucci (1970). All Heatherley students are welcome to come along and there’s no charge to watch (it would be a good idea to bring a cushion though).

More about the film:

‘The conformist is 1930s Italian Marcello Clerici (Jean-Louis Trintignant), a coward who has spent his life accommodating others so that he can “belong.” Marcello agrees to kill a political refugee, on orders from the Fascist government, even though the victim-to-be is his college mentor. The film is a character study of the kind of person who willingly “conforms” to the ideological fashions of his day. In this case, director Bernardo Bertolucci suggests that Marcello’s desire to conform is rooted in his latent homosexuality. In addition to its strong storyline, the film is critically revered for the astonishing production design by Nedo Azzini, which, together with Vittorio Storaro’s camerawork, recreates the atmosphere of Fascist Italy with some of the most complex visual compositions ever seen on film, filled with highly stylized uses of angles, shapes, and shadows.’

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