Karn Holly

Heatherleys is sad to announce the passing of a much loved and highly regarded member of our teaching staff.

Karn leaves us the invaluable legacy of her tutoring at Heatherleys for more than 15 years. We will all affectionately remember her for her dry and perceptive sense of humour, but particularly for the thoughtful understanding she brought to every level of her teaching. She was well known for being able to challenge her students and to thus provoke their creativity with her famously idiosyncratic metaphors. Describing the struggle of the artist, to see and to interpret, via everything from custard to music to tennis.

She was courageous both in her life and in her art. She touched and inspired many people, not only through her wise teaching but also through her beautiful and enigmatic drawings and paintings which were regularly exhibited at the R.A. Summer Shows.

I’m sure I speak for all of Heatherleys’ teaching staff and for all her students when I say what a great privilege it was to have known and to have worked with Karn. We will miss her.

Veronica Ricks, Principal.

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