Hilary Daltry’s Open Studio Exhibition

Open Studio co-ordinator, Hilary Daltry, is exhibiting recent student work at the school until the 16th of January.

She says ‘ the Private View took place last week and was very well received. We’re showing a wide range of life drawings, portraits, prints and paintings. It really shows what can be achieved in the Open Studio.

I’m intending this to be an annual event, and to be an incentive to students to exhibit their work at the end of each year!’

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One Response to Hilary Daltry’s Open Studio Exhibition

  1. Happy Xmas everyone at Heatherleys, esp hard working staff !!!!
    just FYI on the open studio gallery, Nicky Basford and Sophie Brudenell-Bruce’s names on their works are the other way round, but couldn’t matter less, just thought I’d mention it !

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