Valuing Yourself and Your Work: Susan Jones

SJ_2016[1]26th June | 4.30pm
Valuing yourself and your work

In the busy, highly-competitive climate of the contemporary visual arts, artists may find it hard to assess and assert their own value. For visual artists, the opportunities which present themselves are diverse, ranging from community projects to festival fringes, from commissions for permanently-sited works to experiments in participatory practice, and from being represented by a dealer to making their own sales at open studios and through online galleries. Because the majority of artists nowadays work freelance, their careers and general well-being are better served if they know how to value themselves and their contribution to society and can translate this in monetary terms whether providing art services or selling art work.

About Susan Jones

Susan Jones is a researcher, writer and expert on artists’ matters within the ecology of the contemporary visual arts. Alongside her contributions to UK and international conferences and debates, mentoring for individual artists and consultancy for artist-led initiatives, she is a Board member of Redeye: the Photography Network. While Director of a-n The Artists Information Company until 2014, she instigated research into artists’ employment and working contexts and worked with the AIR Council of artists to develop the Paying Artists research and advocacy campaign. Her current research through PhD study at MIRIAD, Manchester School of Art addresses the interrelationship between arts policies and artists’ livelihoods and will generate a new rationale for conducive environments which could better support artists in future.

This event is free and open to the public but seating is limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


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