Tax Tips for Artists – Free Talk by Katherine Tyrrell


A Free Talk by Katherine Tyrrell (author of ‘Making A Mark – and the creator of “Arts Business Info for Artists)

5th March 2018: 4.30pm – 5.30pm.  

The Heatherley School of Fine Art, 75 Lots Road, Chelsea, London, SW10 0RN.

Tax Tips for Artists
For all those who want to get on top of their tax affairs before any omissions or errors catch up with them!
– why – and when – you need to register for tax
– why being a hobby artist is different from an artist who MUST do a business tax return
the difference between a personal tax return and a business tax return
– timescales for getting on top of your tax
– what records you need to keep
– what you need to declare
– what you can and can’t claim as expenses and allowances against tax
– how to pay your tax
– one thing you MUST know about VAT!

About Katherine Tyrrell
Katherine Tyrrell writes about art, art competitions, exhibitions and the art business. She also videos and interviews artists. Her perspective on art is influenced by her business and marketing background.

Numerous artists around the world read what Katherine has to say on her blogs, websites, Facebook Pages and various art magazines – and watch her videos. For over 12 years she has been covering art, artists, media, exhibitions, art competitions and the art business on her very popular and highly rated blog Making A Mark (12 million+ pageviews to date).

In the past three years she has been developing new websites (e.g. “Art Business Info. for Artists” to unlock her archive and make useful information about art more accessible – for free! In 2016, she wrote a series of ten articles about ‘Cost Effective Ideas for Artists’ for ‘The Artist’ magazine.

She also draws and is the author of a book about drawing and sketching published in the UK, USA and Asia. She helped found London Urban Sketchers and ‘The Times’ newspaper featured her sketchbook blog.

Prior to early retirement, she worked for and with government and her professional career background covers business management, marketing and consultancy.

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