In Memory of Danny Cuming



Not just an artist, a musician and one of Heatherley’s coolest tutors, but very much our friend. It would be hard ever to forget that certain ’Danny’ sense of humour. And he had a wicked way with irony, in art as in life. Seriously, no one could fail to respect the depth of his knowledge and understanding of the processes of art. How it could elevate and celebrate the ordinary places and things in life which are real and which we love. Danny was one of those special teachers who remains in the hearts of his students. Long will he be remembered by them for the generosity and sincerity with which he passed on his belief in the power of painting to all those lucky enough to be taught by him and to know him as a valued colleague.

When Danny’s famous energy and sheer gutsiness began to fade we were moved to tears by stories of his courage and of the determination he had to carry on painting as long as he could physically hold a paint brush. He left us just as another show of his wonderful paintings went up on the walls of the Albert Hall in Kensington.

Thanks for the memories Danny, thanks for everything.

Royal Albert Hall and Teenage Cancer Trust Present
Open to the public free of charge Saturday and Sunday 24th and 25th March 2018. 10am – 4pm.

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3 Responses to In Memory of Danny Cuming

  1. Helen Mathieson says:

    So, so sad. We all tried so hard … He was only my tutor at Heatherleys for a brief term but made a big impression, enhanced by visiting his website. It encouraged me to go to Hastings/St Leonards, to see the fishermens’ drying sheds, the Jerwood Gallery, the boats on the beach and the intriguing arts places around that part of the south coast. Heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. I can’t quite believe he did not make it back.

  2. Rachel Cuming says:

    Thank you for these lovely words.

  3. Maureen Finucane says:

    So sad to hear about his death which I only learned of recently. I remember classes with him a long time ago (about 10 years). He was always very encouraging to students. A sad loss. God bless his family and many commiserations.

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