How to Make Money from your Art – Katherine Tyrrell

painter-on-the-road-to-tarasconHow to Make Money from your Art – A talk by Katherine Tyrrell
21st May | 4.30pm – 5.30pm

This talk looks at the world ​of selling art and why it’s essential to look beyond the art gallery and expand your opportunities to make money from your art



Why relying ​on ​ an art gallery ​for sales and income ​ is risky
– how to reduce your exposure to risk
– why an income portfolio is essential

​How to create an income portfolio
– art galleries and art dealers
– open exhibitions and art competitions
– selling from home and open studios
– selling online and eCommerce
– commissions (contracts and business regulations)
– commercial art (eg book, product development, interiors)
– licensing and illustration (eg newspapers and magazines)
– commissions
– teaching

About Katherine Tyrrell

Katherine Tyrrell writes about art, art competitions, exhibitions and the art business. She also videos and interviews artists ​ – and knows a lot about how artists really generate income from their art!

Her perspective on art ​and the need to develop an income portfolio ​ is influenced by her business ​, risk management ​ and marketing background

Numerous artists around the world read what Katherine has to say on her blogs, websites, Facebook Pages and various art magazines – and watch her videos.
For over 12 years she has been covering art, artists, media, exhibitions, art competitions and the art business on her very popular and highly rated blog Making A Mark (12 million+ pageviews to date).

In the past three years she has been developing new websites to unlock her archive and make useful information about art more accessible – for free!
In 2016, she wrote a series of ten articles about ‘Cost Effective Ideas for Artists’ for ‘The Artist’ magazine.

She also draws and is the author of a book about drawing and sketching published in the UK, USA and Asia. She helped found London Urban Sketchers and ‘The Times’ newspaper featured her sketchbook blog.

Prior to early retirement, she worked ​at a senior level ​ for and with government and her professional career background covers business management, marketing and consultancy.


This event is free and open to the public, but places are limited and allocated on a first come first served basis.

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