Aleix Barbat

Aleix Barbat

The Bronze Woman, by Aleix Barbat

Aleix with the Bronze Woman

Aleix Barbat

Aleix Barbart first began making sculpture at the Heatherley School of Fine Art. With a background in traditional hand-drawn animation most of his work relies on observation and drawing.

He has won a range of awards including the Tiranti Prize for Young Sculptors and the Olin Stones Award for Relief Sculpture.

He has exhibited with the Society of Portrait Sculptors and the ‘Inspired By’ exhibition at the V&A museum.

Aleix has collaborated with Hero Johnson on a number of projects, and their bust of Colin Powell was on display for a year at the Whitechapel Gallery as part of Goshka Macuga’s ‘Nature of the Beast’ installation for the Bloomberg Commission.

In 2008 he was commissioned to create ‘The Bronze Woman’ for Olmec, a south london based social enterprises charity. The statue stands in Stockwell Memorial Park.

2 Responses to Aleix Barbat

  1. mary says:

    Great!, A real woman’s body at last!, so full of expression, such a natural flow between mother and baby.

    Please, would you possibly show some other works of the artist?. What has come on since 2008?

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