Andrew James

Andy James in his studio

Andrew James RP

Born 1969. From a very early age Andy shared a passion for art with his twin brother Paul and at 17 decided to develop his practice through self-directed study. Winning the Caroll Foundation Award in 1998 helped bring his work to a wider audience. Through election to the Royal Society of portrait Painters in 2002 he was able to establish himself fully as a portrait painter. Further exposure came from a successful appearance in BBC1’s Star Portraits with Rolf Harris.

Andy was elected Vice President of the RP in 2008.

He says:

‘As a self-taught artist I have sought to develop a particular use of oil paint as a starting point to much of my work. While drawing on a disparate range of artistic influences I have tried to achieve a distinct synthesis of material and subject. These qualities could be summed up as forceful richness of illusion and surface as well as psychological depth.  I work from photographs, life and imagination: all are equal as the work’s outcome is all that matters. I add and subtract continuously until a satisfactory balanced is achieved in my painting.’

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