Maureen Nathan

Maureen Nathan completed the Portrait Diploma at Heatherleys. Born and raised on the West Coast of Canada she has spent all of her adult life in England. Her work has been included in various exhibitions, including the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

She says ‘My art practice is based on drawing, a fundamental part of image making. Excited by the world around me my response is mark making, my initial mode of enquiry, a visual language that expresses my feeling for the subjects I am looking at. Although I am a trained portrait artist narrative plays a large part in my work, with even still-life having a story to tell. I often work in series which allows for development in thought and seeing, using different materials and methods, sometimes over an extended period of time.

Two of my current series include ‘Resting Eyes’; looking inward, not looking. The implications are endless in this exploration of likeness in subjects whose eyes are not seen, often revealing more than intended. And ‘Abandoned Farms’; emptiness explored through absent activity in the rural landscape.’

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