Valuing Yourself and Your Work: Susan Jones

SJ_2016[1]26th June | 4.30pm
Valuing yourself and your work

In the busy, highly-competitive climate of the contemporary visual arts, artists may find it hard to assess and assert their own value. For visual artists, the opportunities which present themselves are diverse, ranging from community projects to festival fringes, from commissions for permanently-sited works to experiments in participatory practice, and from being represented by a dealer to making their own sales at open studios and through online galleries. Because the majority of artists nowadays work freelance, their careers and general well-being are better served if they know how to value themselves and their contribution to society and can translate this in monetary terms whether providing art services or selling art work.

About Susan Jones

Susan Jones is a researcher, writer and expert on artists’ matters within the ecology of the contemporary visual arts. Alongside her contributions to UK and international conferences and debates, mentoring for individual artists and consultancy for artist-led initiatives, she is a Board member of Redeye: the Photography Network. While Director of a-n The Artists Information Company until 2014, she instigated research into artists’ employment and working contexts and worked with the AIR Council of artists to develop the Paying Artists research and advocacy campaign. Her current research through PhD study at MIRIAD, Manchester School of Art addresses the interrelationship between arts policies and artists’ livelihoods and will generate a new rationale for conducive environments which could better support artists in future.

This event is free and open to the public but seating is limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


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James Lloyd: Artists Talk June 12th 2017


12th June | 4.30pm. The Heatherley School of Fine Art.
James Lloyd graduated in the 90s from the Slade School of Fine Art with a Higher Diploma following a BA in Fine Art from Coventry and a Diploma from Blackpool College of Art and Design. He teaches at the Royal Drawing School and has won numerous awards including the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award, Paul Smith Scholarship, Windsor & Newton Young Artists’ Award, Carrol Foundation Young Artist of the Year Award, First Prize in the BP Portrait Award, and the Ondaatje Prize for Portraiture. James Lloyd has undertaken commissions for many private clients and public institutions including Newcastle University, the Bank of England, Queen’s College, Lords Cricket Ground, the House of Lords, the Royal Collection and the National Portrait Gallery.

James is represented in the UK by Browse & Darby and in Germany by Hübner & Hübner.

He says ‘I’m going to talk about my career chronologically from my art education through to winning the BP Portrait Award and this leading on to me becoming a portrait painter. I’ll talk about how I go about making commissioned portraits but I’d also like to talk about my non commissioned work with a particular focus on my studio and how that features prominently in my work.’

This event is free and open to the public but seating is limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

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Heatherleys at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters 2017

It has been another bumper year for Heatherleys at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters annual exhibition.

Tim Benson, Daniel Shadbolt, Bernadett Timko, Miriam Escofet, David Newens, Daphne Todd OBE, Jason Bowyer, Melissa Scott-Miller, Antony Williams, Eve Pettitt, Hero Johnson, Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco, Harriet Doherty and Allan Ramsay all have work in the show.

Special congratulations go to Daniel Shadbolt, Bernadett Timko and Daphne Todd OBE who won the RP Non-Members Prize, the Prince of Wales Award for Drawing and the Changing Faces Commission Prize respectively.

The Mall Galleries 4th -19th May 2017.

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Lewis McNaught in conversation with Robin Hazlewood


Robin Hazlewood

15th May | 4.30pm
An Interview with Lewis McNaught the CEO of the Mall Galleries, home of the Federation of British Artists as well as a major London gallery for figurative art and figurative art competitions.
Lewis will be discussing his career in art and the challenges over the past 10 years of running a major gallery. He will be answering questions from the audience on such topics as art society exhibitions and major competitions, the changes in the selection processes and sales in the art market today.

About Lewis McNaught
As Chief Executive, Lewis is responsible for delivering the charity’s core objectives, leading its fund development programme and providing exhibition services to Members and other hirers of the Mall Galleries. He also manages the Federation’s major corporate and sponsorship relations.
A graduate of Bristol University, where he studied History of Art and Archaeology, he spent the next five years at the British Museum in the Department of Egyptian Antiquities, before moving to New York for three years. On returning to the UK he joined the leading London-based investment company, Gartmore Investment Management, where he worked for 19 years. He joined Mall Galleries in 2006.

About Robin Hazlewood
Robin is a painter, acting Vice-President of the RI, was the Head of Putney School of Art and then Dean of Sir John Cass School of Art. He is a Trustee of Heatherley’s.

This event is free and open to the public but seating is limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

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Antony Williams: Artist’s Talk

20th March | 4.30pm


Portrait of Caroline, Antony Williams

Antony Williams studied initially at Farnham (Northwest Surrey College of Art) on a Foundation Course in 1984, and went on to Portsmouth University (then Polytechnic) to do a BA in Fine Art . He then started working part time for a picture conservator in Walton on Thames, who introduced Williams to the medium of egg tempera.

In 1989 Williams studied for a year on an illustration course in Cambridge. After leaving Cambridge he started attending life classes, and engaging more seriously with working from observation. In 1991 he won the Carroll Foundation Award at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, and in 1995 at the RP again the Ondaatje Prize – a commission to paint HM Queen Elizabeth 11 . Other prizes include the Lynne Painter Stainers Prize 2012, and The Prince of Wales’s Prize for a Portrait Drawing 2014 .

He was elected to the RP in 1996, NEAC in 2007 and the Pastel Society in 2007. His first solo show was in 1997 at the Albemarle Gallery, and he has had a number of shows since then with Messums in Cork st, and also shows in Madrid and Barcelona. He has undertaken commissions for the House of Commons, The Royal Collection, House of Commons and the MCC.

In this talk Williams plans to cover his early years; his art education, and then working for the picture restorer who introduced him to egg tempera, and the period when he started approaching galleries and entering art competitions which led onto the portrait commissions and solo exhibitions.

He will discuss the medium of egg tempera; why he chose to use it almost exclusively and how it affects his practice. He will also talk about his engagement with working from observation, and interest and focus on portraiture and figurative painting.

This event is free and open to the public but seating is limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


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The Lots Road Group at the new Waterstones’ Gallery

The Private View of the Lots Road Group’s latest show The Art of Reading, in association with BookTrust, was attended by more than 150 people.

Speeches by this year’s theme leader, Hilary Puxley, and BookTrust’s Meredith Niles underlined that the exhibition aimed to be a celebration of the pleasure of reading.

Meredith spoke about how reading is so integral to family life that when, quite separate to the show, she had asked LRG artist Elizabeth Shields to paint their eldest son William, they found the truest reflection of his personality was to depict him curled up with a great book on his kindle.

Hilary spoke about the popularity of the theme with artists and explained that all the images in the show, which runs at Waterstones Gower Street until the end of the November, are accompanied by narratives which together give a palpable sense of the joys of reading.

Here are some of the artists with their portrait and sitters – including Michael Bond with artist Hero Johnson, Julian Warrender with artist Lucinda Rendall, Natasha Farrant with artist Hilary Puxley and Caroline Dawnay with artist Sarah Richardson.

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Phil Hale in conversation

philhale03Phil Hale in conversation with Anna McNay

28th November | 4.30pm

Free and open to the public

Phil Hale stems from a family of painters. Following an early career in illustration, he spent a decade focusing on portrait painting, before deciding the genre was too limiting and extending his practice to include photography, film-making and surreal paintings, with figures performing various physical feats, usually in some form of confrontation or expressing some kind of tension. The driving force behind all of his work is the search for something “interesting”, some friction, some intriguing relationship – without stopping to question the potential immorality of painting, for example, dead soldiers. Hale collects myriad photographs and images – his own, and many from the internet – which he saves in a folder and later draws on and seeks to interconnect and collage together. At regular stages throughout his painting process, he will return to “ground zero” and reassess what he is doing, where he is going, and whether it is still interesting. “Every philosophical decision,” he says, “is locked in the surface of the painting”.

In 2007, Hale became the first artist to officially paint the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair – a work for which he received much criticism. In 2000, he won third prize in the BP Portrait Award and, the following year, he came second.

In conversation with Anna McNay, Hale will look back on his time as a portrait painter as well as discussing why he felt the genre no longer suited him and exploring what it is that holds his interest today.

About Phil Hale

Phil Hale was born in Boston in 1963. From the age of 16, he worked as an illustrator, apprenticing to Rick Berry. In 1987, he completed a set of 10 illustrations for Stephen King’s long-awaited Dark Tower sequel, The Drawing of the Three and, receiving 1% of the book sales, was able not to work for five years, during which time he studied Fine Art and turned to portrait painting. Although still considering himself primarily a painter, his current practice includes photography, drawing and film-making.

About Anna McNay

Anna McNay is a freelance art writer and editor. She is Deputy Editor at State Media and former Arts Editor at DIVA magazine. She contributes regularly to Studio International, Photomonitor and The Mail on Sunday and has been widely published in a variety of other print and online art and photography journals and newspapers. She has written numerous catalogue essays.

This event is free and open to the public but seating is limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.



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