Veronica’s film of the old school

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  1. Lisa Belle says:

    Do you have any pics of the old Heatherley’s back in the late 70’s? I attended then & John Walton would call me his ‘Sunshine Smile from the Caribbean’ – I’m from Trinidad.
    Back in the days of Pru Gingle as the Registrar.
    Suzie Malin was an instructor & she would take us to Art Exhibitions on Bond St.
    She even had a few of us to tea @ her flat, where all her portraits were on display including one of Peter Sellers.
    There was also an instructor named Mic Tebb who taught sculpture.
    I even had a good friend who was a Daulton, as in Royal Doulton China.
    Then there was Mr. Ahcroly (spelling), he was the ‘Haunt of Heatherleys’ since he’d been there for years & had his own corner downstairs, where he was working on his masterpiece.
    He would stuff his jacket with newspaper, wore different coloured socks & would sit and pull out his hair while in Early Renaissance Art History Class, where everything was Romanesque. I Kid You Not.
    Those were the good old days. By the way my name is Lisa B.

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